Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Marxist Gas-Guzzling SUV

Our Ford Explorer is covered in salt dust after the big snow storm on Monday, and I haven't even thought about washing it off. And neither have I thought about peeling off my "Obama '08" bumper sticker.

My wife and I just noticed today that someone has written with their finger, just above the Obama sticker:
My first response was, Huh? I mean, who or what is Marxist? The President or me? Or my dirty car? 

It's been funny thinking of the few places I've been since the storm and trying to imagine who wrote it and when they might have done it. The buggy-pusher in the parking lot at Giant? The woman at the next pump at the gas station? My neighbor? (That would be a little creepy.)

I live in the Washington DC area, so there are millions of these stickers everywhere. Does Mystery Person have the same reaction to every Obama sticker they see? If so, then they are exhausted and their index finger is filthy and cramping.

After "Huh?" my second reaction was to start thinking of what to write back. Maybe something like:
Not sure what you mean. Can we discuss in more depth? 
As I stepped up to the car to send my response, my wife leaned down, grabbed a handful of snow, and wiped the message board clean. "We need to wash the car," she said as she went on about her day. 


Becky said...

Ha! You've been infected by blogging and facebook to automatically want to comment on any utterance someone makes. I know I feel that way.

If you're finger writer is exhausted and cramped from working on all the Obama stickers in D.C., he/she should come to my neighborhood for a break. We're lucky our tires haven't been slashed.

Amy said...

That is hilarious! I can just picture a dusty-fingered bandit patrolling D.C. They have their work cut out for them! But what I really love is that you love debate and discussion so much that you were actually trying to figure out how to engage in meaningful dialogue with whoever wrote that. You the man, Dave.

Love Kate's response!

Sara said...

I liked both your responses!