Monday, April 13, 2009

Sam Walton Rolls Over in His Grave

More than 180 workers at a Walmart in Canada won a union contract with the UFCW last Wednesday, after four years of legal opposition from the world's largest retailer. Congratulations to our northern neighbors! The workers in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec are the only Walmart employees in North America with union representation. 

So what will it take to unionize American Walmarts? 

Wally World is America's largest corporation and biggest private employer, with over a million workers. Walmart is virulently anti-union and pays poverty wages to most of its workers. These are the stomp-your-neighbor values that helped make the Walton gang the richest family in the world.

Consider this:
It would take someone making $20,000 a year (which is a relatively high wage for your typical Wal-Mart cashier) one million years to net the amount of money one Walton sibling is worth.
And this: Our country claims to value democracy; therefore, a $20,000-a-year Walmart employee and Jim Walton each have one vote. The Walton's would like you to pretend that this means they each have equal say in the way the country works... or just submit to the benevolent guidance of your corporate overlords... or just stop thinking.

Anyway, while you're deep in pondering, go check out Wake Up Walmart.

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