Friday, October 23, 2009

BTM Is Now Searchable!

You can now search past Better Than Machines posts with the Google search bar over on the right. I just noticed that Blogger offers this as a formatting option. Not sure how long it's been available, but it's about time, since Blogger is owned by Google.

Have you ever stopped to consider the vast reach of Google's tentacles? On any given day, I search the Internet using Google Inc.'s search engine; I email using Google Inc.'s email service; I write and disseminate radical political articles using Google Inc.'s blog product; I check the weather using my personalized Google Inc. homepage. Right now, I'm even playing a game of Google chess with a friend.

I don't think this is necessarily worth raising a stink over. (In other words... Dear Google Gods, Please don't smash my blog.) I'm not aware of any Googleopoly horror stories--probably just because I haven't looked. But Google is a corporation. It's not your friend, even if you've heard of their magical campus where all the workers are enlightened hipsters. Eventually--if it's not already--Google is going to be a problem.

In the meantime, you can now use another one of their products to search for your favorite BTM posts! Woohoo! (I like this oldie.)


Becky said...

Woo! That oldie is one of my faves as well.

delaine said...

Yes, indeed, that was a good post.You made a lot of cogent points, including that both parties are driven and influenced by money.We can really see that now in the lead up to a national health care plan.