Saturday, November 7, 2009

C-SPAN is Rockin' Right Now!

If you're near a TV right now, take a look at C-SPAN. The House is moving towards voting on the health care reform bill later today. But first they have to clear several parliamentary formalities. Right now, I'm watching the Republican members interrupt everything they possibly can with objections and "parliamentary inquiries." And the Chair, Rep. John Dingell (D-Michigan), has to answer every one of their BS objections. So you end up having a Democratic Congresswoman, who has the floor, trying to read her one or two-sentence statement of support for the bill, while a Republican Congressman from Georgia yells, "I object! I object! I object! I object!"

The Chair has to stop and basically tell the Congressman to shut up, though of course it's wrapped in parliamentary language. And the process grinds on.

I just think it's especially illustrative of what Republicans stand for to see them doing whatever they can to stop, or at least delay, this bill. The American people are about to expand their access to medical coverage and rein in insurance companies. Republicans object indeed!

Update: Here are some videos of what I was talking about.


Becky said...

Whoa, you're right. I just tuned in. I wonder what time today they'll actually vote?

Dave said...

I think they're going to start voting at 7:15 eastern. But that is just voting on an amendment, so I don't know when the final vote will be.

You can see video from C-SPAN of what I was talking about here;!-I-OBJECT!

Elizabeth said...

My favorite is when the dem is talking about passing the bill for the sake of women who are denied coverage due to the "preexisting condition of pregnancy" that forces some women to take out additional policies and then you hear the republican woman screaming "I object!!". Wow.

Amy said...

Really? Are they even listening to what they're objecting to? Dang.

I guess this is just how the game is played?? Maybe? Seems to me that they run the risk of looking more interested in the politics of it and "winning" than in the interests of Americans.

Dave said...

I think this is just what the minority party does when it is hopelessly trying to stop something from passing. At this point, they probably know the Democrats have the votes, so they're just trying to score political points.

BTW, a little later tonight I may start a "Late Night Health Care Thread" to blog on the final voting.