Monday, January 11, 2010

A Thought On The Harry Reid "Scandal"

The official Republican response to Senator Harry Reid's stupid comments reminded me of something that ought to get more attention: There are virtually no black Republicans. And black voters are nearly unanimous in their opposition to Republican presidential candidates. Still. As much as they ever were. Even more. It's 2010, by the way.

So it's a little weird reading that GOP Chairman Michael Steele wants Reid to step down as Democratic majority leader because of racially insensitive remarks. Suddenly the GOP is really interested in racial sensitivity? Great! Maybe they'll stop organizing their campaigns around white fear and resentment of brown people. But then how else are they supposed to get working people to vote against their own interests? It's hard to be the Confederate Party in 2010 America.


Jenni said...

well damn.

Becky said...

I know, I mean, they don't even care how hypocritical they sound. Or they think we won't notice. I think they need a diversionary tactic, and the media, who seems weary of reporting on health care, is totally going for it.

Elizabeth said...

Remember, this is the same party that tried to scare seniors about the big, bad Dems who were going to take away Medicare. Republicans caring about Medicare is a huge joke.

I think it just comes down to the fact that they're grasping at any straw they can to make the Dems look worse than them. No doubt Mrs. Palin will set us all straight when she starts reporting for Fox.

delaine said...

Sarah Palin as a "news commentator" is just too funny for real life ! Which makes Fox the perfect place for her. I think somewhere in the early 20th century the Repubs perfected their hypocrisy. They never fail to rise to new heights though. Next thing you know they will be championing a new minimum wage hike. No wait, that'll NEVER happen !