Sunday, March 14, 2010

Taking It To The Streets To Finish Health Reform

As promised here are some pictures from the health care rally that Kate and I attended on Tuesday.

Assembling in Dupont Circle for the march to the Ritz-Carlton.

CREDO Action had tons of signs that said "Another ____ for the PUBLIC OPTION." I saw blanks filled in with "Republican," "Voter," "Socialist," "Doctor," "Clergy Person," "Young Person," and "Pinko Commie," to name a few.

Mock counter-protesters were on hand from "Billionaires for Wealthcare." These folks were dressed in Gilded Age ruling class attire and were reminding us all that the status quo for-profit health insurance system was working quite fine for them.

Here's reason enough to be a Lefty: progressive marches and rallies feel like street celebrations. This group called themselves the "Rhythm Workers Union." That wheeled cart carried drums that a couple people played while they walked. You can also see the tuba player in the background. There was a trumpet and a sax too.

The lovely Kate, marching to the Ritz.

Around the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, where health insurance executives and lobbyists are meeting, protesters unfurl yellow "crime scene" tape.

Yours Truly, sign in hand, at the entrance of the Ritz.

As the rally winds down, the band plays on. Also, a couple people in cow suits. Not sure what that was about.
One of the more creative protesters.

All in all, a good time and a good event. I think it's important that the Left recapture street politics from the Tea Party types. Everyone understands what's going on when they see right-wingers in the streets today: They're protesting "big government" and the Democratic Party. But seeing lefties in the streets would remind the public that just because Democrats control Congress and the White House, it does not mean that a progressive coalition rules. There is always that higher power, which is neither Democratic nor Republican and is stronger than both--corporate power. Corporate power means that even when the Democratic Party is riding high, legislation that would extend health coverage to more than 31 million uninsured Americans and lower the deficit--a win-win for virtually everyone--takes a tooth-and-nail fight to pass.


delaine said...

Geez, I'm really getting nervous! This week will probably be the make-or-break week. I continue to be dismayed at my Congress.The Democrats are feckless. The republicans are duplicitous and dishonest. And I am especially disgusted at the falsehoods that are being thrown out there to try to kill the HCR. I am literally holding my breath.

Camp Papa said...

That last shot is something you don't want to see at a teaparty rally.