Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weinergate in Perspective

For now, "Weinergate" remains front-page news, and Republicans are hopeful they can use the issue to pick up what should be a reliably Democratic House seat.

But let's remember, George W. Bush was "elected" in 2000 largely due to a backlash against President Clinton's sex scandals. Bush promised to "bring honor and integrity back to the White House." Where did that get us? Two invaded countries, a surplus turned into a deficit, the Patriot Act, torture, domestic wiretapping, global war against a noun, the biggest income inequality since the 1920s, the end of habeas corpus, and the Great Recession. But, hey, as far as we know, George was true to Laura!

Yes, when it comes to public office, I will take a progressive Democrat who stands up for working people but cheats on his wife and tweets pictures of his private parts with consenting adults any day of the week over a "family values" Republican who wrecks the country to serve the rich and powerful.

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Camp Papa said...

We can get pretty wierd about sex in this country. Even great men have done some pretty stupid things when it comes to sex, but I
would have been more than happy to pay for Monica's dry cleaning.