Monday, June 18, 2012

"Just Your Average Blue-Collar Dressage Fan"

The Romneys' dressage horse has qualified for the Summer Olympics in London!  This was a lose-lose for Mitt Romney.  Think about it.  If the horse had failed to qualify, well, he would have spent all that money on a loser.  But now that the horse has qualified, the connection between Mitt Romney and dressage will be in the news all summer long.  

If you are quarter-billionaire Mitt Romney, here is a conversation you don't want undecided working class voters in Ohio having in July:
"Romney declared how much of a loss for that horse on his taxes?"
"Uh, that would be $77,000."
Or this one:
"Hey, what is dre... dressage?"
"You know, it's the thing where millionaires and billionaires watch a guy in a top hat and coat ride around on a dancing horse that costs more than my house."
Seriously, I bet Mitt wishes right now that his wife had picked a different hobby. 


Camp Papa said...

This is just class warfare! It would be more fair and balanced to talk about the jobs created by that horse. And. Then there's all that glue to look forward to, at the end if his career.

Chris said...

dressage? You learn something new every day.