Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How To Insert Hyperlinks In Blogger Comments

I'm posting this because I always have to go searching for how to do this. Now it'll be right here on my own blog where I'll have no excuse for losing it. I think linking is tidier than pasting a whole URL. If you're as uneducated on HTML as I am, I hope you find this useful.

The template:


For example:

a href="">an awesome blog

Now put < at the beginning and <*slash*a> at the end of that code and insert the whole thing where it belongs in a sentence. And by *slash* in this case I mean the actual /

So the result would like this:

Condi, come quick! I found an awesome blog that's shattered all that I once held as true!


Amy said...

Awesome! Thanks, Dave. I have always wondered how you did that. I thought it was magic.

Camp Papa said...

You have done me a service, sir. Thanks.

Sara said...

very helpful indeed!

can you tell me how to put those fancy emoticons in there, too? just kidding, just kidding!

Min {Honest Vanilla} said...

Absolutely! Your blog came up first on my serach :)

Paper Hearts said...

Thank you! I often post links in my comments and the urls look very messy. I've have learned something valuable. ;-)

Dave said...

Thanks for stopping by!