Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blogging Beneath The Great Eye

As Becky mentioned in the comments section to the previous post, I cross-posted the article about Wal-Mart's wage theft and anti-union practices over on DailyKos, where it got a lot of attention. The article sat at the top of the "recommended Diaries" list for most of the day on Monday and got hundreds of comments and "rec's." 422 comments, actually. (And I did a little dance in my living room.)

Take a look HERE (at the article and comments, not the dance).

It's heartening to see that the issue of Wal-Mart's power and abuse strikes a chord with so many people. And it's a little scary to think that at corporate HQ in Barad-dur Bentonville, Arkansas someone was watching.
walmartgreateyecrop.jpg picture by betterthanmachines
The largest private employer in the United States can read the word UNION from a thousand miles away.

Anyway, the critical comments to the article--there were a few--fell into a few well-defined themes. We'll discuss each one in a future post. And then we'll have a contest to guess which ones were planted by Wal-Mart PR guys.


delaine said...

Nice graphic, Dave. The eye of Walmart is upon us, huh? I thought your article on Daily Kos was great,and it generated a flood of response. Some of them were snarky and mean spirited enough to be from some agent of Walmart.Sunday night on CNBC there was an expose of Walmart. Taken together with your piece, it was awfully damning! Especially the part about overseas factories that supply Walmart and how the employees are treated and warehoused. Disgusting.

Chris said...

After death, Sam Walton became "the eye."

Jenni said...

Wow, what a huge success. Looking forward to future posts.

Becky said...

Ooh, I need to go back and look again. I don't think I read all 422 comments. Which ones did you think were from Walmart flacks?

Dave said...

It's not that the comments were outrageous or anything. It's just some of them seemed strange, especially coming from politically progressive readers of Daily Kos--people who have usernames and passwords there. I'll have to dig some up for a follow-up post.